NXR Global Compensation PLan

It is like nothing else you have seen before. We took the stability of the Unilevel and empowered it with a placement feature! Get rewarded for what you do while helping other people! As if that wasn’t enough, you now can receive a match on the earnings of EVERY Personally Sponsored Member regardless of where you place them! Now you can build a team that is stronger than ever. Every Member of your team is linked in a way that rewards them for giving others the leg up! There has never been a way to pay it forward like this! 

We have the 1-2 Punch for your pocket! Make money! Save Money! Make money with our new Hybrid Unilevel. Then save money on of all your everyday expenses with yourLivestyle Savings Network Subscription! Make money, and then make your money count! 

As you enroll new Business Partners you will have the choice to place them into your Hybrid Unilevel structure by giving away sponsorship or have them spill by Enrollment. If you choose to place your Sponsored Business Partners, your Sponsored Business Partners will be available for manual placement for 5 days after their enrollment. After this period they will automatically place on your first level as you sponsored them. You will remain the Sponsor of those you place. The Business Partner under which you place them will become their Placement. You will receive the Fast Start Bonuses and Matching Bonuses on all your Sponsored Business Partners according to the information below. You will also receive Residual Commissions based on the Placement structure of your downline.

5 Ways To Earn

20% Customer Commissions

Weekly Fast Start

Monthly Residual Commissions

Residual Match

Leadership Rewards


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