What is Pro Perks?

This is the premiere savings program. Whether booking a hotel from home or trying to find a deal when you are out, you can do it all with VStream Pro Perks. Our user-friendly app has 4.5 stars in the App Store.

VStream Pro Perks will open up more earning possibilities for you. Click here for compensation plan details. 

Easy to use

The Pro Perks site and app are simple to use. Just search and save. Search zip codes to find deals around you.


Carry your savings with you! The mobile app can find you savings while you are out and about. Find your deal and show your phone at checkout.

Sponsor other Pros

Earn a fast start on everyone you Sponsor. The larger your group is the more money you could earn.

Exclusive discounts

Every Pro Perks Member gets to receive an exclusive discount you can't find anywhere else.

Savings Estimator

It only takes a few purchases for the savings to add up. Discover how much you can save with just a few purchases!

Estimated Yearly Savings
# of times you go out to lunch each week?
# of times you go out to dinner each week?
# of times you get a pizza or take out each month?
# of times you go out for activities & entertainment (museums, family fun, outdoor adventure) each month?
# of movie tickets you buy each month?
# of haircuts or spa visits each month?
# of visits to the dry cleaners each month?
# of times you buy clothing/shoes for yourself or others each month?
# of hotel nights booked each year?
# of days you rent a car each year?
# of rounds of golf played each year?
# of days you go on a cruise each year?
# of theme park tickets purchased each year?
# of times you get your oil changed each year?
# of times you buy gifts (flowers, chocolates, toys, gadgets) each year?
# of cell phones or data plans in your household?